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Maputo For New Comers (1995)

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A guide to Maputo published by the UN Women's Guild

Maputo, Mozambique (1995)

Javid sawen nu Vatan! (How beautiful is Batanes!)

Philippines (2011)

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Fundación Pacita in collaboration with Art Post Asia

"It's a book about my return to my country. After travelling in so many places, I realized that Batanes has never changed and remains for me the most beautiful place."

Naydi Lighthouse, Batanes, Philippines (2014)

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First Art Map of the Philippines, a collection of watercolor paintings in which participated Yaru Nu Artes Ivatan, Pio Abad in collaboration with Art Post Asia.
Printed by Ultratech, made of stone paper, waterproof.
A community project and contribution for the people of Batanes.

Asa Ka Awan du Vatan (A Year in Batanes)

Batanes, Philippines (2015)

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A diary with watercolour paintings by 15 artists from Batanes.

Monthly activities, events, festivals celebrated in Batanes.

In collaboration JAPAMFI (Aurora Jorge, Pacita Abad Memorial Foundation Inc.), Firetree Press Inc. and Yaru Nu Artes Ivatan.

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